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Design Phase

In January 2016, DDOT began the design phase of this project. The design includes elements and considerations for pedestrians, bicyclists, bus/transit access and vehicles. The design also includes operational and streetscape improvements which will improve the safety of pedestrians and bicyclists, while ensuring all users have safe and convenient access as they move through this important corridor. 

The project has advanced from the concept phase to the engineering design phase.

Design and Safety Highlights  

Cycle Track

  • The preliminary engineering design proposes a two-way protected cycle track on the south side of Florida Avenue.  
  • Cycle track is designed on the south side of Florida Avenue to reduce intersection and bus transit conflicts.  
  • The cycle track is raised at the bus stop locations, allowing ADA access to the sidewalk.

Traffic Operations

  • Eastbound travel lanes are reduced to two lanes.  
  • Left turns movements are controlled via traffic signals between 3rd Street and West Virginia Avenue.  
  • N Street, M Street, I Street, and K Street intersections are adjusted  for traffic calming purposes.
  • New bus stops are proposed at 4th Street, 7th Street and West Virginia Avenue.  
  • Travel lanes east of West Virginia Avenue to accommodate restricted parking, lane widths are: 
    • 13 ft., 10 ft., 10 ft., and 13 ft.

Streetscape Improvements

  • New street lighting is designed along Florida Avenue.  
  • Complementary landscaping and hardscaping is proposed to enhance corridor aesthetics. 
  • Pedestrian access proposed will meet public safety and ADA requirements.
 Follow Your Heart Mural at Union Market

Follow Your Heart Mural at Union Market

Florida Avenue, NE from 2nd Street to West Virginia Avenue, NE


Florida Avenue, NE from West Virginia Avenue to H Street, NE

30% Preliminary Roadway Design Plans, Florida Avenue, NE from 2nd Street to H Street/Benning Road NE